Rodney Howard-
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne felt the direction of the Lord to change the stategy of the Great Awakening Tour, and to focus all of the effort on the greater Los Angeles, California area for the first four months of  2009. Pastors Eric and Jenifer Gonyon, found that Southern California, were very hungry for the move of God and the outreach in the streets, businesses and retirement homes yielded great results .... We had 3,095 harvesters out witnessing and over 132,902 decisions for Jesus Christ were made. We had 75 Days of Soul Winning.  We had 40 nightly Holy Ghost and Fire Meetings.
Great Awakening Tour,  RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA
January 23, 2009 During the 8 days of Holy Ghost and Fire services and 2 weeks of Power Evangelism, many lives were touched and changed forever. The 970 harvesters led 32,446 souls to Jesus Christ. View photo's here.
Some time ago, a Florida survey company contacted Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and told him they had discovered an image of Jesus on the roof of the River Church in Tampa, Florida. Thinking this may be a hoax or some kind of joke, he used Google earth to view the property for himself and this is what he found. CLICK HERE to read the article.
Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne had the opportunity to go to London, England for a five day crusade in a new church each night.  The meetings were electric and each night God filled His people with His power. Many responded to the altar call each night and people from all the churches, caught the vision to engage in the Great Awakening and soon teams were going into the streets, businesses and retirement homes to witness for Christ.
Great Awakening Tour in London England
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