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Sign and Wonder?  or mere coincidence???
Several years ago, a Florida survey company contacted Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and told him they had discovered an image of Jesus on the roof of the River Church in Tampa, Florida.   The roof of the former car dealership, is shaped like a cross and on the top of the cross is an image that looks like Jesus with his arms stretched out with two dark patches where the hands are which look like nail prints.
Is this mere coincidence or a "sign and a wonder"? When the Florida survey company contacted Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne to tell him there was an image of Jesus on the roof of the Church.   He thought it may be a hoax or some kind of joke, so he used Google earth to view the property for himself and when he was amazed to find the images on the left. He has always used the bible as a basis for his teachings and has never been given to imaginations and is not making a big deal out of this phenomenon. Pastor Rodney tells the story “Several years ago they we fixing the roof of our auditorium. The roofing company called the head of maintenance department at that time and told them ....... “Tell your Pastor to check out what's on the roof of the church”. They sent me a pic and I thought it was a hoax until I went and used google earth - zoomed in and took these pics - I was glad I did ...... Of course it's not there anymore because the roof has been repaired - however there was a watermark of Jesus on our church roof - the roof is in the shape of a cross .......... There is Jesus ......... Standing - nails in his hands ........ I told our church it's because we are going after souls - The Lord gave us a sign  - be blessed today ............ He is Alive !” It is really interesting that this rare image should be on the roof of the River at Tampa Bay where Jesus is lifted up in every service and at all the special week long camp meeting's and other events. I know that skeptics will let their minds run away with them and try to figure out how someone could have made this image on the roof.   The entire roof is covered with the same water marks, (see the photo below), that indicate that this is not a man made image. If it is not God that put it here, then nature sure picked a good place to etch this image that looks like Jesus on the cross. The picture on the left from Google Earth shows the entire roof shaped like a cross and the image that looks like Jesus can be seen on the top of the cross with His arms stretched out.  (Unfortunately, the roof had to be repaired and this image is no longer viewable from Google Earth. ) Whether it is a sign from heaven or a simply the art works of wind and water, we are sure glad it looks like Jesus. Article by Gil Howard-Browne
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